Our in-house support team is able to efficiently address any technical assistance you may require. Remote desktop support is available for customers who purchase the Standard or 24/7 Hardware Packages therefore reducing your time spent on the with support technicians who can not respond quickly to the purpose of your call.

Release Notes:

Version 2.9.1 — Released 07.18.13:

  • Fix audio issue with Firefox 25 and QuickTime where check-in sounds would no longer play

Version 2.9 — Released 02.22.13:

  • Aesthetic changes to column and label displays
  • Fixed Bug with Payments Remaining so that Check-In displays correct number of payments remaining
  • Logic changes to ensure that the Check-In screen now matches the Manage Accounts screen in the billing system

Version 2.8 — Released 11.09.12:

  • Overdue non-principal (late/maintenance/etc) fees now display and flag member as owed even if principal payments are current
  • Late Fees (if owed) will always show as owed, regardless of when they are first attempted in the billing system
  • In the billing system, an option has been added to Manage Accounts->Financial Tab to grant facility access to member even if member is expired or delinquent. Setting a future date in this field will give member access until that date, regardless of any other flags on the account
  • In the billing system, Reported Payments post immediately and reflect immediately on a members account in InfinitiONE

Version 2.7 — Released 09.07.12:

  • Check-In now displays Facility Corporate ID field (if used)
  • Added link to “view member” in unacknowledged visits queue
  • Past Due payments now display total as well as breakdown of specific payments and fees owed
  • Created Salesperson Report for tracking sales via web entry

Version 2.6 — Released 11.21.11:

  • Improved photo load/display speed
  • Check-In now displays collection agency and collections date
  • Fixed potential bug with photos unlinking from barcodes
  • Fixed bug that allowed whitespace to be saved with barcodes
  • Corrected tense use in “Membership Expires/Expired” banner

Version 2.5 — Released 08.08.11:

  • Optimized and added flash-based webcam integration
  • Various Manage Accounts enhancements including a Payments queue
  • Moved and colorized the Payment buttons
  • Various bug-fixes
  • Check-In Screen speed enhancements
  • Barcode Management now incudes member photo thumbnails

Version 2.0 — Released 04.08.10:

  • Added Rejected Members Queue Function on Check-In screen
  • Added Audible Accepted/Rejected member tones on Check-In screen
  • Added Alert for upcoming membership expirations
  • Added Fading Member report
  • Various bug-fixes
  • Check-In Screen speed enhancements

Version 1.1 — Released 10.25.09:

  • Visual Enhancements with tabbed layout
  • Added “Disable/Enable account” feature
  • Default image photo enhancement
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0 — Released 09.30.09:

  • Added 24/7 Access Features
  • Web-based technology
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Visit Countdown Session Module
  • Photo Identification